Research Design in Counseling

Research Design in Counseling


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ISBN: 9781305087316

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With enlightening examples and illustrations drawn from counseling literature, RESEARCH DESIGN IN COUNSELING, 4th Edition facilitates a conceptual understanding of research design as well as the important role of science in counseling and counseling psychology today. In doing so, the text fully addresses the strengths and weaknesses of all of the major designs, and focuses on a broad array of methodological issues. In addition to introducing students to the existing scientific literature in counseling and counseling psychology, the authors address professional writing, ethics, and research training. Heppner, Wampold, Owen, Thompson, and Wang's evenhanded approach provides students with an understanding of the various types of research, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Writing more than just a how-to book, the authors present a compelling rationale for the necessity of conducting research, and persuasively promote the necessity for greater integration of science and practice to enhance the effectiveness of both science and practice in counseling and counseling psychology.

Edition: 4E
Language: English
Copyright Year: 2016
Course Code: COU505 ,SUSS