The Letters of Sir Stamford Raffles to His Sister Mary Anne Flint

The Letters of Sir Stamford Raffles to His Sister Mary Anne Flint

Bastin, John (author); Yeo, Stephanie (ed)

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811819810

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The letters of Sir Stamford Raffles to his sister, Mary Anne Flint, are preserved in the Raffles Family Collection in the British Library, London. They are among the most interesting of his private letters, containing primary information on Singapore during its early years as a British settlement, and on Bengkulu when Raffles was Lieutenant-Governor of Fort Marlborough in charge of the East India Company’s settlements in west Sumatra.

The letters reflect Raffles’s deep affection for his sister, whose life was closely associated with his in Penang, Melaka, Java, Bengkulu, Singapore and London – an association which continued with Lady Raffles, whose letters to her sister-in-law form Part Two of the book. The letters in this volume are annotated with incisive commentary by historian John Bastin, and complemented by images from the National Museum of Singapore and other key collections.

Language: English
Country of Origin: Singapore
Number of Pages: 184
Format: Hardcovver
Imprint: National Museum of Singapore
Publication Year: 20211101

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