The Future in the Present

The Future in the Present

Tony Tan

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ISBN: 9781543768930

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Summary of the book Technology is moving faster than at any other time in history. Many fear this change. Leading futurist, Tony Tan translates the incredible world of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will affect you soon. You will discover: · The relationship between humans and machines and how it can help us innovate, improve, and advance at an exponential rate. · The possibilities of how AI will have an unbelievable impact on today’s pressing concerns regarding climate change, the aging population, and the future of medicine. · The answers to your burning AI questions—including whether they’ll replace humans at work; how they’ll shape life in the future in your social life, your home, and the cybersecurity issues that will grow ever more important with time. · The critical role that AI plays in driving the current and future developments of smart nations. · New and powerful mental models and mindfulness to harness these tools to help you live longer, healthier, and more optimized lives

Publication Date: 20220415
Language: English
Country of Origin: Singapore
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