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ISBN: 9789811807206

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Haunted by secrets and lies, a successful writer drifted towards a dreaded crossroad.
Provoked unwittingly by his only child, a retired widower with unfinished business was led to deal with his past.
Unawares, an ambitious psychotherapist fell into a tangled web of relationships which left her searching for answers herself.
Coincidence or providence?
Regardless, everyone made their moves in the game of life based on what each could see at that moment. But were their decisions ever completely rational or reliable, especially after a hormonal rush, the mind a little mixed up after the chemical overload? Did their genetic make-up play a significant role somehow?
Surely, each one strived to play the best game he or she was able: with every throw of the dice, at every turn. Notwithstanding, random impulses and brief encounters might have rearranged or introduced new associations in their brains before they even became conscious of them. Were they really free to decide for themselves?
Crucially, what happened to each of them in the end?


Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date : 20210425

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