Beyond Work

Beyond Work

Darrel Chong

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811807251

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What are God’s purposes for you at work? Should a Christian climb the corporate ladder? Are you ready for hostility in the marketplace? What if you face retrenchment? Should believers ‘play politics’? Is it possible to be shrewd and innocent? How do you repurpose for retirement? How can the Church equip believers for the workplace?

The greater part of our waking hours and our productive years are spent at work. While many strive to find significance in the workplace, we often do not see how our faith and marketplace experiences can intersect. Darrel contributes vital insights from his unique perspective both as a professional in the marketplace and a lay minister in a local church. In this book, he shed light to this topic, addressing concerns of working professionals, preparing students for the marketplace and bringing Biblical principles to life through practical examples and real-life stories


Country of Publication : Singapore
Format : P
Edition : 1
Publication Date : 20210708

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