Masks of Singapore

Masks of Singapore

Hun Ming Kwang,

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811824128

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Masks of Singapore Book Synopsis The link between mental health struggles and living a life true to ourselves is often difficult to see, and the root causes of mental health struggles we experience are often intangible. From February to September 2021, Singaporeans from various communities participated in a mental health movement, Masks of Singapore, where they went through a 3-hour introspective self-awareness mask-making workshop, explored what their truest selves and ideal lives looked like, and expressed it onto a physical mask. Right after, they were invited to put it on and embody that truest version of themselves. 572 photographed portraits of these Singaporeans tell the story of past struggles, present circumstances, and future aspirations of a life that truly matters to them. Underneath the facades you put on, what are your deeper vulnerabilities? Outside your job title, who are you? Without society's definition of success, what is it that truly matters to you?

Format: Paperback
Publication Year (YYYYMMDD): 20210921
Language: English
Edition: 1

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