Power Springboard

Power Springboard

17 Co-Authors

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811841187

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How can one take their business, income, and life to higher levels of excellence? That is the question that Power Springboard aims to answer. Power Springboard is co-authored by more than a dozen of the world’s most brilliant experts and practitioners. Every chapter contains valuable wisdom, advice, and anecdotes shared by a remarkable individual who has proven himself/herself as an expert and high-achieving practitioner in their respective fields. Below is a breakdown of the 17 chapters discussing the topics of: ? Cultivating the mindset and habits for creating a successful life ? The ins and outs of starting a business and raising capital for a startup ? The principles of effective leadership ? Using storytelling to engage, educate, and empower ourselves and others ? The importance of always putting customers first ? The value in knowing how business law works ? Why HR should never be overlooked ? How blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is changing the world ? The parallels between activism and entrepreneurship ? How to practise effective emergency response management to save more lives

Publication Date: 20220328
Language: English
Country of Origin: Singapore
Search words: Self Development / Business

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