The Asian 21st Century

The Asian 21st Century

Kishore Mahbubani

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ISBN: 9789811668104

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This book consists of essays written by Kishore Mahbubani to explorethe challenges and dilemmas faced by the West and Asia in an increasinglyinterdependent world village and intensifying geopolitical competition.
The contentscover four parts: Part One The End of the Era of Western Domination. The majorstrategic error that the West is now making is to refuse to accept this reality. TheWest needs to learn how to act strategically in a world where they are no longer thenumber 1. Part Two The Return of Asia. From the years 1 to 1820, the largesteconomies in the world were Asian. After 1820 and the rise of the West, however,great Asian civilizations like China and India were dominated and humiliated. Thetwenty-first century will see the return of Asia to the center of the world stage. PartThree The Peaceful Rise of China. The shift in the balance of power to the East hasbeen most pronounced in the rise of China. While this rise has been peaceful, manyin the West have responded with considerable concern over the influence China willhave on the world order. Part Four Globalization, Multilateralism andCooperation. Many of the world’s pressing issues, such as COVID-19 and climatechange, are global issues and will require global cooperation to deal with.

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