Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right

Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right

Linda K. Trevino; Katherine A. Nelson

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ISBN: 9781119711001

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The eighth edition of Managing Business Ethics shows students how the study of ethics is relevant to real-life business decisions. This highly-regarded text empowers students with the knowledge required to identify, understand, and solve ethical dilemmas while promoting ethical behavior in themselves, in their friends and colleagues, and in their organizations. Authors Linda Trevino and Katherine Nelson offer a pragmatic approach to prepare students for professional roles as managers, compliance officers, human resources managers, senior executives, and others.

Focusing on the types of problems that students will most likely encounter in their careers, this new edition includes carefully revised content that incorporates the latest research on ethics and organizational behavior. The authors integrate theory and practice to provide a balanced presentation of both classic and recent business ethics cases, examples, and approaches. Accessible and engaging chapters discuss ethics and the individual, managing ethics in an organization, the relation between organizational ethics and social responsibility, and more. Throughout the text, a diverse range of examples and case studies bring key concepts to life, while practical activities enable students to apply the concepts in their own lives and careers.

Imprint: Wiley
Language: English
Course Code: SUSS.,PAR303
Format: Print Book


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