Lessons Learned: Shaping Relationships and the Culture of the Workplace

Lessons Learned: Shaping Relationships and the Culture of the Workplace

Roland S. Barth

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9780761938439

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`Roland S Barth's warm and wise book deserves to be kept close at hand. Witty, entertaining, instructive, and poignant, Barth's stories will get you thinking, and the 'working rules' salted throughout the book will help you navigate the deceptive shoals and powerful tides we all have to deal with at work' - Lee G Bolman, Marion Bloch/Missouri Chair in Leadership University of Missouri-Kansas City Author of Leading With Soul and Reframing the Path to School Leadership (Corwin Press 2002) `Lessons Learned is an insightful, funny, moving look at commonalties between life at sea and life in the schoolhouse. More than any other Ronald S Barth book, this one exposes Roland for what he really is-an avid sailor, loyal friend, life-long learner, and compassionate leader' - Milli Pierce, Director, The Principals' Center, Harvard Graduate School of Education `This charming, humorous, and wise book teaches important lessons about relationships at work and at play. Once again, Roalnd S Barth has written a useful and invaluable book for teachers and principals alike' - Thomas J Sergiovanni, Lillian Radford Professor of Education Trinity University, Texas Roland S`Barth's Lessons Learned is a powerful guide for defining the types of interpersonal relationships needed to bring about success' - Karen M Dyer, Manager Education Sector, Center for Creative Leadership, Author of The Intuitive Principal (Corwin Press 2000) This book is a collection of aged stories and relates to experiences with astonishing insights. These stories and insights are expressed in metaphors and teachings, which are universal and lasting. The book provides hopes that each of us may find abundant and buoyant joy in our all-too-brief passages with one another. Relationships at work are as taxing and toxic as that aboard a sailing vessel, but yet can be replenishing and fulfilling. `Cruising Rules' is the term the authors use to describe his lessons learned at sea, and `Working Rules,' the lessons learned about relationships at work. Combined, both constitutes Lessons Learned in life.

Imprint: Corwin
Language: English
Publication Year: 2013
Course Code:ECE362,SUSS

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