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The overall Materials Science market is continuing to move towards a one-semester course format despite the increasing need for more in-depth knowledge by students in the varying disciplines. The introductory course is taught at the sophomore or junior level to students in mechanical, aerospace, civil, chemical or any other area that requires knowledge of materials. Students will have taken prerequisites in chemistry, physics and math, but there are no assumptions made on student exposure to actual engineering sciences such as statics, dynamics, or mechanics. Market size for both materials science and materials selection course is @ 73,000 and rising. Askeland currently sits in 3-4 position with about 5% of the market. The market is segmented between traditional materials science texts and materials engineering texts with materials selection. The materials selection books include Ashby, Budinski, Jacobs and Mangonan. Adoption decisions in this market are influenced by coverage of the three classes of materials and the amount of materials processing and manufacturing covered. Materials science faculty members tend to be specialists in one of the classes of materials - metals, ceramics and polymers. They tend to make their decisions based on how well their particular class of material is covered. Callister is a ceramicist, and so people who are trained in this area tend to use his book(s). Askeland is a metallurgist, so people who specialize in metals are more likely to use his book. An author from the previous editions, Pradeep Fulay is a ceramicist so his materials added more ceramics coverage in prior editions. There are few polymer specialists although this is becoming a more important class of materials. The co-author added in the 6e, and lead author again for the 7e, is Wendelin Wright, a polymer specialist, whose contributions round out the areas of expected expertise customers are seeking.

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