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ISBN: 9781418055417

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CONCEPTS IN HEALTH AND WELLNESS is an inviting and straightforward book that will provide your students with essential personal health information they can use to develop a lifetime of wellness skills. It will help your students develop the knowledge and motivation they need to maintain wellness throughout adulthood and will provide them with meaningful literary support for class instruction. More importantly, this book will empower them with the skills to access credible health and wellness information now and in the years to come. CONCEPTS IN HEALTH AND WELLNESS meets the diverse needs and interests of college and university students regardless of the academic setting and is written in a style that is easily understood by students at all levels, but especially students at the community college level. This book is comprised of seventeen chapters, enabling the instructor to cover the material in one semester. Each chapter contains special features that enhance the textual material and engage the reader through application exercises.


Edition: 1E
Language: English
Number of Pages: 576
Copyright year: 2011

Course Code: SUSS, COU107