Beamforming: Sensor Signal Processing For Defence Applications

Beamforming: Sensor Signal Processing For Defence Applications

Athanassios Manikas

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9781783262748

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Beamforming: Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Applications presents a range of important research contributions concerned with sensor array signal processing and, in particular, with the superresolution beamformers fundamental to many civilian and defence applications. Both space and space-time (STAP) beamforming algorithms and their application to radar systems are considered with emphasis given to 'look-down' airborne radars, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), arrayed MIMO radar and a number of common wake-wave detection algorithms for two-dimensional SAR imagery. Furthermore, ocean towed arrays, which find applications in a variety of areas such as defence, oil and gas exploration, and geological and marine life studies, are also considered paying particular attention to receiver positional uncertainties resulting from the array's flexible structure. Array geometrical and electrical uncertainties, design of auto-calibration algorithms, beamforming 'pointing' error uncertainties and robustification issues are also presented.This book is self-contained and unified in its presentation, and comprehensively covers some of the classic and fundamental models of beamforming for sensor signal processing. It is suitable as an advanced textbook for graduate students and researchers in the area of signal processing, as well as a reference book for engineers in the defence industry.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 312
Imprint: Imperial College Press
Publication date: 20150320
Series: Communications And Signal Processing

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