Problems Of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry: A Hands-on Guide

Problems Of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry: A Hands-on Guide

Jose Manuel Andrade-garda

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9781786341808

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The complex field of analytical chemistry requires knowledge and application of the fundamental principles of numerical calculation. Problems of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry provides support and guidance to help students develop these numerical strategies to generate information from experimental results in an efficient and reliable way. Exercises are provided to give standard protocols to follow which address the most common calculations needed in the daily work of a laboratory. Also included are easy to follow diagrams to facilitate understanding and avoid common errors, making it perfect as a hands-on accompaniment to in-class learning.Subjects covered follow a course in analytical chemistry from the initial basics of data analysis, to applications of mass, UV-Vis, infrared and atomic spectrometry, chromatography, and finally concludes with an overview of nuclear magnetic resonance. Intended as a self-training tool for undergraduates in chemistry, analytic chemistry and related subjects, this book is also useful as a reference for scientists looking to brush up on their knowledge of instrumental techniques in laboratories.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 480
Imprint: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication date: 20170310
Series: Essential Textbooks In Chemistry

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