Newton And The Great World System

Newton And The Great World System

Peter Rowlands

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ISBN: 9781786343727

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Mathematics is, in many ways, the most generic and abstract of all systems of human thought. Once Newton found he could describe dynamics and planetary motions using purely mathematical laws and deductive processes, he understood that there was no limit to what else could be explained — given time and ingenuity every aspect of Nature would find its mathematical roots. Newton himself repeatedly stated how aspects of chemistry, biology and even human thought could be accessed by his method. He also acknowledged how immense the task would be, involving many contributors over many centuries, however once the system was in place, it could be extended indefinitely. Although not fully understood during his lifetime, the Newtonian method has since been applied to many subjects outside of physics, including chemistry, physiology and philosophy. This book analyses the Newtonian method and demonstrates how it represents the very roots of our understanding of the great world system we live in today.This unique book is published as the second of a three-part set for Newtonian scholars, historians of science, philosophers of science and others interested in Newtonian physics.All Titles: 1.Newton and Modern Physics
2.Newton and the Great World System
3.Newton — Innovation and Controversy

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 328
Imprint: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication date: 20170927

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