Unlocking Consciousness: Lessons From The Convergence Of Computing And Cognitive Psychology

Unlocking Consciousness: Lessons From The Convergence Of Computing And Cognitive Psychology

Charles T Ross

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9781786348951

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In order to bridge the gap between artificial and synthetic intelligence, we must first understand our own intelligence. 'What is intelligence?' might appear as a simple question, but many great minds have agreed that there is no singular answer. Unlocking Consciousness attempts to examine this central question through exploring the convergence of computing, philosophy, cognitive neuroscience and biogenetics.The book is the first of its kind to compare comprehensive definitions of both information and intelligence, an essential component to the advancement of computing into the realms of artificial intelligence. In examining explanations for intelligence, consciousness, memory and meaning from the perspective of a computer scientist, it offers routes that can be taken to augment natural and artificial intelligence, improving our own individual abilities, and even considering the potential for creating a prosthetic brain.Unlocking Consciousness demonstrates that understanding intelligence is not just for the benefit of computer scientists, it is also of great value to those working in evolutionary, molecular and systems biology, cognitive neuroscience, genetics and biotechnology. In unlocking the secrets of intelligence and laying out the methods of which information is structured and processed, we can unlock a completely new theory of consciousness.For additional published articles and appendices referenced in this title, readers can visit www.brainmindforum.org/ for further information.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 388
Imprint: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication date: 20180209

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