1,1'-binaphthyl-based Chiral Materials: Our Journey

1,1'-binaphthyl-based Chiral Materials: Our Journey

Lin Pu

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ISBN: 9781848164116

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Chiral materials have been studied in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia for applications in areas like asymmetric catalysis, enantioselective fluorescent sensing, and optical/electrical materials. Optically active 1,1?-binaphthyl molecules are used to build novel chiral polymers, dendrimers, macrocycles, and acyclic molecules. 1,1?-Binaphthyl molecules are chosen because of their remarkably stable chiral configuration as well as their high asymmetric inductions in many processes.In this book, both the fundamental knowledge about the 1,1?-binaphthyl molecules and the synthesis of the structurally diverse 1,1?-binaphthyl-based materials are described. The applications of these materials in various fields are also discussed. This book will serve as a reference for graduate students as well as other professionals working in the related fields.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 368
Imprint: Imperial College Press
Publication date: 20090817

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