Economic Policy Making And Business Culture: Why Is Russia So Different?

Economic Policy Making And Business Culture: Why Is Russia So Different?

David A Dyker

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9781848167827

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This book addresses one of the fundamental problems in Russian society, and in Russia's relations with the rest of the world. Why do Russians tend to react differently from ‘us’ in given diplomatic or business situations? Why do they find the notion of a contract difficult to grasp? Why do they seem hostile to the principle of the level playing field? How do they see Russia's position within the globalised economy? In order to probe these issues, the author begins with a historical analysis, looking at the pattern of political and economic development since Tsarist times, always asking the questions: What is unique to Russia in all this, and which unique features tend to recur in different periods? In seeking to illuminate the interface between Russia and the world, the author also examines Russia's attitude to itself, and to its own resources — natural and human — to land as an agricultural resource, and later oil and gas; and to people — as cheap labour and as highly trained scientific personnel. This book is firmly based on scholarly sources, in English, French and Russian, but aims to go beyond the academic audience to address the concerns of people encountering Russians and Russian organizations in their everyday lives.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 332
Imprint: Imperial College Press
Publication date: 20111011

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