Fundamentals and Applications of Hardcopy Communication

Fundamentals and Applications of Hardcopy Communication

Joceli Mayer

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9783030089153

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This book presents covert, semi-covert and overt techniques for communication over printed media by modifying images, texts or barcodes within the document. Basic and advanced techniques are discussed aimed to modulate information into images, texts and barcodes.

Conveying information over printed media can be useful for content authentication, author copyright, information and piracy product deterrent, side information for marketing, among other applications. 

Practical issues are discussed and experiments are provided to evaluate competitive approaches for hard-copy communication.

This book is a useful resource for researchers, practitioners and graduate students in the field of hard-copy communication by providing the fundamentals, basic and advanced techniques as examples of approaches to address the hard-copy media distortions and particularities. 

Publication Year: 2018
Imprint: Springer International Publishing
Format: P
Weight (Gram): 238

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