Narrating Injustice Survival

Narrating Injustice Survival

Willem de Lint

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9783319934938

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This book explores the role of self-medication in reflexive response to victimhood and victim recovery. Based on interviews, counsellor focus groups and a self-medication survey, it situates self-medication among the coping strategies that may be set in formal and informal networks. Victims primarily seek validation, and this book reviews self-medication with particular focus on how victim-survivors develop a variety of reflexive responses in their attempt to carve out a dignified response to victimization. Validation may be achieved through the pursuit of justice, but many victims suffer from multiple or complex victimisation, with limited social chances necessary to achieve a just outcome. Routines, beliefs and an ordered pathway distinguish a dignified identity and more or less successful recovery adaptations. This book also addresses the practical implications of the findings for support organisations. 

Publication Year: 2018
Imprint: Springer International Publishing
Format: H
Weight (Gram): 538

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