Algebraic Geometry In East Asia - Taipei 2011


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ISBN: 9784864970242

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Algebraic geometry in a traditional and fast developing research area in east Asia. There were many world leading algebraic geometers and there are remarkably increasing active mathematicians in the related area in the East Asia area including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. The purpose of the conference series 'Algebraic Geometry in East Asia' is to provide a platform for algebraic geometers in or closely related to East Asia.This volume is the proceeding of the conference 'Algebraic Geometry in East Asia, Taipei' which was held in November of 2011 in NCTS at Taipei. It contains two survey articles together with nine research articles. It provides the up-to-date advances of the research of algebraic geometry in East Asia.Published by Mathematical Society of Japan and distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co. for all markets except North America

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 227
Imprint: Mathematical Society Of Japan, Japan
Publication date: 20150501
Series: Advanced Studies In Pure Mathematics

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