Algebraic Geometry In East Asia - Seoul 2008


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ISBN: 9784931469631

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The international conference “Algebraic Geometry in East Asia, III” was held at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Seoul, Korea in November 2008. The 21 invited lectures (including 4 lectures by Europeans and Americans) were presented at the conference.This volume consists of 3 survey articles and 10 research articles. The papers explore a wide variety of topics, including algebraic surfaces, Fano varieties, variety of general type, bundles, Cremona groups, Mordell-Weil groups, fundamental group scheme, quantum rings.Published by Mathematical Society of Japan and distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co. for all markets except North America

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 398
Imprint: Mathematical Society Of Japan, Japan
Publication date: 20100901
Series: Advanced Studies In Pure Mathematics

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