The Poet Learns to Dance: (The Dancer Learns to Write a Poem)

The Poet Learns to Dance: (The Dancer Learns to Write a Poem)

Simeon Dumdum Jr.

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ISBN: 9789715507165

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In this new collection by Simeon Dumdum, he likens the various facets and effects of dance with poetry, and to its soul that "paces about like a caged animal" inside the rhythms and patterns of movement. Dumdum posits that poetry should arouse similar effects in its craft; in his words: "One dances with the meaning and sound of words, which necessarily one must harness into a team. No matter how free the verse, the words must trot in tandem, like foxes that despite their wildness must keep to a clip-clop on the road of a morning in the country. A poem must dance. A poem must foxtrot or forever walk as prose."

Imprint: Ateneo de Manila University Press
Edition: 1
Language: English
Number of Pages: 60
Subject: General
Copyright Year: 2015

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