Polymers Near Surfaces: Conformation Properties And Relation To Critical Phenomena

Polymers Near Surfaces: Conformation Properties And Relation To Critical Phenomena

Erich Eisenriegler

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ISBN: 9789810205959

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This book gives an introduction to the conformation properties near surfaces of long flexible polymer chains in extreme dilution. These properties are of both practical and fundamental importance. While the behavior in this fluctuation-dominated situation is independent of most microscopic details, it shows a large variety that is characterized by the different qualitative conditions in the bulk (good or theta solvent, etc) and near the surface (desorbing or adsorbing, etc). The main focus of the book is on powerful, recent theoretical developments that have -despite the long history of the field — increased our understanding considerably during the last few years. The close relationship to surface critical phenomena is explained, making it possible to apply advanced methods of field theory. A self-contained introduction in these approaches, and their application to polymer physics, are given assuming only a basic knowledge of statistical mechanics. A detailed consideration of ideal (random walk-type) chains near surfaces serves as a first orientation. Much of the materials have not appeared previously in book form. This text is the first to give an introduction simultaneously to the renormalization group, short distance expansions and conformal invariance in critical systems with a surface. This book will be of interest to physicists and chemists active in the field of polymers and to theoretical physicists working in statistical mechanics, critical phenomena and field theory. Due to its introductory character it will also be useful to students who intend to specialize in one of these fields, and it could also be used as a textbook for a course at senior undergraduate or graduate level.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 424
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 19930901

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