Nobel Lectures In Economic Sciences, Vol 2 (1981-1990): The Sveriges Riksbank (Bank Of Sweden) Prize In Economic Sciences In Memory Of Alfred Nobel

Karl-goran Maler

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ISBN: 9789810208363

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Below is a list of the prizewinners during the period 1981 - 1990 with a description of the works which won them their prizes:(1981) J TOBIN — for his analysis of financial markets and their relations to expenditure decisions, employment, production and prices; (1982) G J STIGLER — for his seminal studies of industrial structures, functioning of markets and causes and effects of public regulation; (1983) G DEBREU — for having incorporated new analytical methods into economic theory and for his rigorous reformulation of the theory of general equilibrium; (1984) R STONE — for having made fundamental contributions to the development of systems of national accounts and hence greatly improved the basis for empirical economic analysis; (1985) F MODIGLIANI — for his pioneering analyses of saving and of financial markets; (1986) J BUCHANAN, JR — for his development of the contractual and constitutional bases for the theory of economic and political decision-making; (1987) R M SOLOW — for his contributions to the theory of economic growth; (1988) M ALLAIS — for his pioneering contributions to the theory of markets and efficient utilization of resources; (1989) T HAAVELMO — for his clarification of the probability theory foundations of econometrices and his analyses of simultaneous economic structures; (1990) H M MARKOWITZ, M H MILLER & W F SHARPE — for their pioneering work in the theory of financial economics.

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No of Pages: 344
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 19920901

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