Advanced Electromagnetism: Foundations: Theory And Applications

Advanced Electromagnetism: Foundations: Theory And Applications

Terence William Barrett

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789810220952

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Advanced Electromagnetism: Foundations, Theory and Applications treats what is conventionally called electromagnetism or Maxwell's theory within the context of gauge theory or Yang-Mills theory. A major theme of this book is that fields are not stand-alone entities but are defined by their boundary conditions. The book has practical relevance to efficient antenna design, the understanding of forces and stresses in high energy pulses, ring laser gyros, high speed computer logic elements, efficient transfer of power, parametric conversion, and many other devices and systems. Conventional electromagnetism is shown to be an underdeveloped, rather than a completely developed, field of endeavor, with major challenges in development still to be met.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 808
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 19951101

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