Electroweak Symmetry Breaking And New Physics At The Tev Scale

Electroweak Symmetry Breaking And New Physics At The Tev Scale

Timothy L Barklow

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ISBN: 9789810226312

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This is an expanded version of the report by the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Beyond the Standard Model Working Group which was contributed to Particle Physics — Perspectives and Opportunities, a report of the Division of Particles and Fields Committee for Long Term Planning. One of the Working Group's primary goals was to study the phenomenology of electroweak symmetry breaking and attempt to quantify the “physics reach” of present and future colliders. Their investigations encompassed the Standard Model — with one doublet of Higgs scalars — and approaches to physics beyond the Standard Model. These include models of low-energy supersymmetry, dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking, and a variety of extensions of the Standard Model with new particles and interactions. The Working Group also considered signals of new physics in precision measurements arising from virtual processes and examined experimental issues associated with the study of electroweak symmetry breaking and the search for new physics at present and future hadron and lepton colliders.This volume represents an important contribution to the efforts being made to advance the frontiers of particle physics.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 752
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 19970505
Series: Advanced Series On Directions In High Energy Physics

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