Construction Technology For Tall Buildings

Construction Technology For Tall Buildings

Yit Lin Michael Chew

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789810235680

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There is a strong need for a comprehensive textbook on construction technology for tall buildings, particularly in reference to land scarce countries and cities in Asia.Containing over 200 illustrations, this book describes in detail the latest construction practices and processes for tall buildings from foundation to roof. The construction sequence of the various proprietary systems and their merits and disadvantages are discussed. Comprehensive references for each topic are also provided.Currently, students and practitioners in the region dealing with construction technology have to rely on textbooks written mainly in the US and UK, many of which are not relevant or not practical for use in the region because of different geological, climatic, social and economic conditions.This book is written for use as a textbook and reference book by undergraduates as well as practitioners in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, building, quantity surveying, and other related fields.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 308
Imprint: World Scientific / S'pore Univ Press (Pte) Ltd
Publication date: 19990126

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