Vibrational Mechanics: Nonlinear Dynamic Effects, General Approach, Applications

Vibrational Mechanics: Nonlinear Dynamic Effects, General Approach, Applications

Iliya I Blekhman

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ISBN: 9789810238902

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This important book deals with vibrational mechanics — the new, intensively developing section of nonlinear dynamics and the theory of nonlinear oscillations. It offers a general approach to the study of the effect of vibration on nonlinear mechanical systems.The book presents the mathematical apparatus of vibrational mechanics which is used to describe such nonlinear effects as the disappearance and appearance under vibration of stable positions of equilibrium and motions (i.e. attractors), the change of the rheological properties of the media, self-synchronization, self-balancing, the vibrational maintenance or deceleration (retardation) of the rotation of unbalanced rotors, resonances in the motions of celestial bodies, vibrational displacement and shift, vibrational excitation of streams and the transportation of bodies in the fluid. The book considers the use of these effects in creating new vibrational machines, technologies, and also principally new materials (”dynamical materials”).Vibrational Mechanics contains many results published only in Russian and therefore unknown to the specialists in the West, and also a review of the new results obtained by researchers after the book was first published in Russia.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 536
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20000125

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