Advances In Coastal And Ocean Engineering, Vol 7

Advances In Coastal And Ocean Engineering, Vol 7

Zeki Demirbilek

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789810246204

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This invaluable volume consists of five articles covering a wide range of topics in coastal oceanographic engineering. The reader can find an article discussing the modern bubble measurement techniques applied to field studies of bubble dynamics in coastal shallow water. A comprehensive review paper on nonlinear modulation of water waves provides readers with a new perspective on nonlinear processes in the coastal and ocean wave environment. For those who are interested in wave modeling, there are two review articles discussing various wave models, which can be used to study wave-structure interactions and harbor oscillations. Finally, readers who are interested in the subject of stratified flows can find an article presenting the detailed laboratory observations of lock-exchange flows.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 252
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20010807
Series: Advances In Coastal And Ocean Engineering

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