The Disruptor's Path

The Disruptor's Path

Henry Ong

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811134630

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It is a dark time, but that is when light shines all the brighter. More than ever, a confused world needs heroes to show the way—champions to disrupt it, make a better way forward and shine a guiding light into the future. And you can be one of them. Perhaps you’ve felt the call to greatness, adventure and a life that truly overcomes the odds. Perhaps you believe there’s more to life than a mere nine-to-five job. Perhaps you know that your family needs from you what the daily grind is taking away. You know, deep down, that you’re called to better things than that. Henry Ong heard that call, and went on to become a film director and serial entrepreneur. Now he takes the role of a caring mentor to a new generation of heroes, and in this raw and honest book that shares his failures and successes along the way, he shows how his story—and yours—fall into an age-old pattern that can help you to endure suffering and setbacks, attain success and make your mark on the world. So don’t be afraid to become a change-maker. You may never save the world like in the movies, but you’ll certainly save your world—with the inspiration and heroic mind you’ll build with Henry as your guide.

Comment :Entrepreneurship
Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20180401
Affiliation :Editude Pictures,Genius Hive Pre-school ,Artas Group, Columbia College
List of Awards :
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Target Audience :Young Entreprenreur

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