The Equilibrium - Training The Money Mindset

The Equilibrium - Training The Money Mindset

Kenneth Kam

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ISBN: 9789811135187

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Trade Secrets of A Successful Entrepreneur, Finding Balance Between Forex And Life Currency trading is a lucrative market. However, Forex is not for everyone. Without the tools to overcome fear, uncertainty, and addiction, it might prove to be a disastrous journey. Learn the trade secrets of successful entrepreneur, Kenneth Kam, through The Equilibrium: Training the Money Mindset. You can meet Kenneth in person and hear first-hand as he shares top insights learned on his journey to success. If you are interested in having Kenneth host a book launch or speak at your next event, please contact us. “Successful trading requires 10 percent skill, 10 percent luck and 80 percent mindset,” says author and millionaire trader, Kenneth Kam. Kenneth adheres to this notion completely and in this book, he places deep emphasis on taking a calm, disciplined and focused approach to the markets. He also paints a clear picture of how to tune your self-management skills while succeeding at risk management. The Equilibrium charts Kenneth’s unique Forex journey and explains how mindset, determination, and strategy play important roles. Also included are his valuable life lessons as he shows you how to avoid life’s curveballs and helps you shape a better future. “After reading my book, I want my readers to exponentially increase their ability to acquire wealth as traders. If they don’t choose to be traders, the lessons learned will also come in handy for any other business ventures.” “I thought it was a very compelling read! The book was written in a conversational style, which made it very easy to absorb. Kenneth shares a lot of gems in how to approach trading with the right mindset. This isn’t some fluffy, pompous guide on trading. It’s a very practical layout of strategies you never thought you needed to know, coming straight from the guy who had to learn it the hard way.” – Rajan Khanijaon, Resolution Sound

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Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :H
Edition :2
Publication Date :20171231
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Marketing Notes :About Kenneth Kam Mr Kenneth Kam is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, inspirational speaker, author and life mentor. In 2013, Mr Kam embarked on a vision to build businesses focused on helping communities live a better and more balanced life. As a?philanthropist, he works through Kenn Foundation?to uplift the lives of those in need by supporting education for the underprivileged; alleviating poverty; supporting medical studies and research; and developing the arts and social sciences. As?a?life mentor,?he strives to help others live?a successful, balanced and enriching life by sharing his life lessons, experiences and adventures in conferences, courses and books he authored. Through his many efforts, Mr Kam hopes to build a more equitable and inclusive world where all will have opportunities to realise their full potential.
Target Audience :Professionals

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