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Blockchain is the next big revolution, if the thousands of cryptocurrencies and token startups are anything to go by. With a decentralized network and platform anyone can build upon, it is the perfect way to create and collaborate on future decentralized applications. This book is an insight into the industry via the incredible mentors and players that you will find within it. Packed with advice, tips, ideas and predictions from 18 great minds—all pioneers and friends of the most successful blockchain startups—it will show you what motivated these giants to leave their previous careers or jobs and venture into this exciting new field. You will learn: • How blockchains, Ethereum and smart contracts work, and the possibilities they offer • The ‘waves’ of price movements all new technologies must go through, and why blockchain is so different • The truth about the blockchain community, and how you too can join the movement • The types of ideas a new generation of investors are seeking, and • The best forecasts of the blockchain world of tomorrow. You are holding a roadmap of where blockchain is headed, brimming with the knowledge you will need to win the game. What are you waiting for?

Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20181031
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Marketing Notes :A B O U T K A I C . C H N G A N D S H AU N D J I E ( D I G I X G L O B A L ) Kai C. Chng and Shaun Djie are co-founders of DigixGlobal, an asset tokenization company on the blockchain. More information can be found on “Shaun and KC are the best role models I’ve seen in this blockchain revolution. I’ve received a tremendous amount of support and guidance from them since I started getting involved in this space. They are wholeheartedly committed to the growth and adoption of blockchain and have been spearheading a large number of initiatives to grow the ecosystem. For example, their meetup group is the largest, most influential and most inclusive group in the blockchain space in Singapore.” — Xinshu Dong, Founder and CEO of Zilliqa
Target Audience :Investors

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