Longevity In The 2.0 World: Would Centenarians Become Commonplace?

Jean-pierre Fillard

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ISBN: 9789811202032

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This book is in no way a medical textbook; it only aims at providing a wide in-depth thinking about the growing life expectancy in the current digital age.With the rising 21st century, flurries of new knowledge and technological opportunities have already merged.Longevity has recently become a major concern in our current societies. This has long been, in no way, a new issue as life expectancy was known to rise noticeably for a long time with improving life conditions, but the present breakthroughs in science and technology of the world 2.0 have led to deep changes in our way of life so that new prospects have surged.Now the leading key words are rejuvenation, juvenescence, ageing reversal or, bluntly, transformed, repaired, improved man.The last part of the book will, tentatively, suggest the consequences and the foreseeable issues such a breakthrough that could afford us in a close future to come.A question has arisen now: would this 100 years wall come down in a foreseeable future, thus opening up the way for a larger part of us to become seamlessly centenarians, instead of some individuals exceptionally favored by Nature, thus far. A kind of centenarian democratization!Related Link(s)

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 240
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20191119

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