Walter Gilbert: Selected Works

Walter Gilbert: Selected Works

Walter Gilbert

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ISBN: 9789811203299

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This book commemorates the eclectic intellectual life of scientist and artist Walter Gilbert. It presents all of his most influential works throughout his scientific career. His scientific explorations covered a broad spectrum of fields: theoretical physics; molecular biology, from finding messenger RNA to elucidating the regulation of the lac operon to understanding DNA replication; gene evolution and origin of life; genomics; bioinformatics; and beyond. He created widely used concepts such as 'Exon', 'Intron' and 'RNA World'. Eleven reflective essays by Gilbert are included for the first time, discussing both his scientific studies and anecdotes from his own life. These firsthand accounts record the historical and intellectual contexts for his most monumental scientific discoveries, including his Nobel Prize-winning sequencing method. Memorial chapters, contributed by Gilbert Laboratory alumni, describe the passion, ambition, and efforts of Gilbert and several generations of young scientists under his leadership. Finally, the book collects a few fine pieces of artwork created by Gilbert in recent years. It documents a life of genius and creativity that could inspire others for years to come.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 616
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20200212

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