Community Development Arenas In Singapore

Community Development Arenas In Singapore

S Vasoo

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ISBN: 9789811204111

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In the last two decades or so, community development efforts in Singapore have strongly focused on task-centred community activities namely short-term projects revolving around socio-educational and recreational activities. Such an emphasis is further reinforced by the outsourcing of community services to the private sector which is contracted to deliver services or activities. Although the consequences are not seen immediately, they will in the longer term reinforce learned helplessness of the participants or beneficiaries who are usually relegated to passive or dependent roles.Through the insights of contributors who are practitioners in the community development field, this book argues that more resources and initiatives must be accorded to community organisations so as to redirect to a community- or resident-centric approach towards community work intervention. In short, more reaching out to people or community groups should be undertaken.Covering a broad range of arenas including health, housing, ageing, community integration and bonding, among others, this book will open up a wider horizon for community development efforts and provide a reservoir of ideas and strategies to build a stronger and resilient community for more effective community problem-solving.


Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 208
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20190926

Course Code: SUSS, CSD504