Two-minute Puzzle Book, The: Puzzles To Train Your Brain

Two-minute Puzzle Book, The: Puzzles To Train Your Brain

David Hillel Goodman

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811213199

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LEARN SHORTCUTS Many of the puzzles will seem as though they will take longer than two minutes to solve, but ... there are shortcuts if you can find them!! There are faster ways to solve each problem and dilemma. The Two-Minute Puzzle Book will teach you to look for such loopholes and shortcuts!ENGAGING THEMATIC PUZZLES From Chapter One's 'The One and Only' through Chapter Nine's 'The Whole Nine Yards', each chapter contains puzzles related to the chapter's theme. For example, in the second chapter, you will find mechanical puzzles with double pieces, riddles about couples, line puzzles and more.There are match puzzles, tangram-related puzzles, paper puzzles, geometric puzzles and mathematical puzzles to tease and occupy all types of puzzlists. Some require intuition but all are two minutes away from a solution.UNIQUE CHALLENGES As with their previous puzzle books, the authors, David Goodman and Ilan Garibi, aim to provide a fresh and original book. Many of the puzzles are coming from their heads and are not retreads!! There are some classic puzzles too, but the authors present them in an original way.CULTIVATE YOUR BRAIN TO THINK CREATIVELY Crack open this book and allow the puzzles presented to train your brain. Always look for a bypass or shortcut. Find a different point of view. By rephrasing the question, a solution may surface!We hope that this book will tickle your imagination and sharpen your mind. You just might begin to solve everyday 'real-world' problems differently. FLEX YOUR BRAIN.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 164
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20200213

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