Algebraic Structures In Integrability: Foreword By Victor Kac

Algebraic Structures In Integrability: Foreword By Victor Kac

Vladimir V Sokolov

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ISBN: 9789811219641

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Relationships of the theory of integrable systems with various branches of mathematics are extremely deep and diverse. On the other hand, the most fundamental exactly integrable systems often have applications in theoretical physics. Therefore, many mathematicians and physicists are interested in integrable models.The book is intelligible to graduate and PhD students and can serve as an introduction to separate sections of the theory of classical integrable systems for scientists with algebraic inclinations. For the young, the book can serve as a starting point in the study of various aspects of integrability, while professional algebraists will be able to use some examples of algebraic structures, which appear in the theory of integrable systems, for wide-ranging generalizations.The statements are formulated in the simplest possible form. However, some ways of generalization are indicated. In the proofs, only essential points are mentioned, while for technical details, references are provided. The focus is on carefully selected examples. In addition, the book proposes many unsolved problems of various levels of complexity. A deeper understanding of every chapter of the book may require the study of more rigorous and specialized literature.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 348
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20200605

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