Navigating Aseannovation: The Reservoir Principle And Other Essays On Startups And Innovation In Southeast Asia

Yinglan Tan

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ISBN: 9789811227745

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Southeast Asia has been an emerging frontier for internet technology startups, with talent and capital flooding into the region's technology markets in recent years. Navigating ASEANnovation: The Reservoir Principle and other essays on startups and innovation in Southeast Asia is a collection of essays and interviews with founders and investors on what it takes to thrive and win in the region as a tech startup. From topics such as bringing together a founding team to exiting a company, the collection covers various aspects of startup growth, digging deep into the critical strategies tech founders and business leaders of different countries and industries can adopt, while embracing the diversity critical to understanding the region.Navigating ASEANnovation serves as go-to compendium providing practical advice and mental frameworks for anyone interested in Southeast Asia and tech startups, highlighting the unique aspects of operating in the region that the world can learn from as well.The collection was curated with commentary from Yinglan Tan, Founding Managing Partner of Insignia Ventures Partners, an early stage technology venture fund in Southeast Asia, and Paulo Joquiño, Editor of Insignia Business Review, the official publication of Insignia Ventures Partners.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 296
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20201029

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