Digital Transformation Of Property In Greater China, The: Finance, 5g, Ai, And Blockchain

Digital Transformation Of Property In Greater China, The: Finance, 5g, Ai, And Blockchain

Paul Schulte

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ISBN: 9789811233791

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'A masterful narration on the digitization of property in China.'
Tan YinglanFounding Managing PartnerInsignia Ventures Partners, Singapore
'...captures the fascinating story of 'smart city initiatives' and tells you all you need to know.'
Ben ShenglinProfessor & DeanInternational Business SchoolZhejiang University, Hangzhou
'...smartly combines economics, geo-politics, finance and real estate.'
Joshua VargheseFounding Partner, Axia Real Assets, Toronto
Long-planned advances in China — in 5G, blockchain, central bank coins, and SME superapps — have coalesced into a new world of digitized, tokenized, and tradable assets. New digital mega-projects like the Blockchain Service Network, smart cities, and new foreign exchange digital rails are animating physical assets: offices, warehouses, homes, and farms. Powered by a network of sensors, AI, and distributed trust, property has digitized wings. The resulting inflow of data from every part of the 'built' world will create new industries, uproot traditional finance, and transform cities.The global trade war is not just a re-ordering of technology: it's a re-ordering of cities. Nations which export this digital technology first will alter the digital fabric of the developing world. A digital Non-Aligned Movement is afoot! One way for the US to catch up is public-private partnerships between Silicon Valley and DC — or just 'copy' China. This book explores the many people and companies, large and small, which are blazing new trails in China's 'internet of everything' to transform the way we live, buy, and move.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 230
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20210429
Series: Singapore University Of Social Sciences - World Scientific Future Economy Series

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