Emma Investigates Water

Emma Investigates Water

Dongni Bao

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811235559

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Emma plays detective and discovers the wonders of water in its three states: solid, liquid and gas. Learn how she puts clues together, and you will discover water in a new way too!Discover, experiment and learn with the little scientists! Each little scientist has something new to teach young readers. Every book in the series is centred around a science phenomenon, ranging from the water cycle to light refraction to static electricity. Through engaging narratives and whimsical illustrations, 'I'm a Little Scientist' introduces young children to the exciting and ever-changing world of science. Go beyond the story with fun activities and simple experiments to encourage interactive learning! Each book features two pages of scientific experiments for children to put what they've learnt into action.Everyone can be a little scientist!

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 28
Imprint: Ws Education (Children's)
Publication date: 20210729
Series: I'm A Little Scientist Series

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