Can I Lick The Spoon, Mum?: A Comics-style Cookbook For Creating Asian Bakes And Family Memories In The Kitchen

Pamela Lim

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811236419

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Finally, a cookbook for parents and children to use together!With a fresh comics style and an easy-to-read format, children will find following each recipe step a breeze! And, parents will be able to go from basic butter cookie to flavours of mocha, matcha and peanut, and even make pineapple tarts, as if they've been expert bakers for years!In this cookbook, Pamela doesn't hold back. Her passion is to teach parents how to bake with their kids, the way she bakes with her four kids, and the way her baker father taught her. Pamela will give families a clear understanding of 52 recipes, and then show them how to turn basic bakes into advanced bakes, through variations and adaptations. This book also contains Augmented Reality elements, including links to cooking videos, ensuring that even the most novice of family cooks is able to follow along.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 96
Imprint: Co-published With Ws Education (Children's)
Publication date: 20211231

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