Numbers And Arithmetic: History And Modernity In The Context Of Numerical Information

Mark Burgin

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ISBN: 9789811236839

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This book will bring you to the fascinating world of numbers and operations with them. Numbers provide information about myriads of things. Together with operations, numbers constitute arithmetic forming in such a way basic intellectual instruments of theoretical and practical activity of people and offering powerful tools for representation, acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, and management of information about the world. This is why, the history of numbers and arithmetic is the topic of a variety of books and at the same time, it is extensively presented in many books on the history of mathematics. However, all of them, at best, bring the reader to the end of the 19th century without including the developments in these areas in the 20th century and later. Besides, such books consider and describe only the most popular classes of numbers, such as whole numbers or real numbers. At the same time, a diversity of new classes of numbers and arithmetics were introduced in the 20th century. Examples are nonstandard numbers and their arithmetics, fuzzy numbers and their arithmetics, hypernumbers and their arithmetics, surreal numbers and their arithmetics, computable numbers and their arithmetics, non-Diophantine arithmetics, and computer arithmetics, to mention but a few.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 350
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20211231
Series: World Scientific Series In Information Studies

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