Our Warming Planet: Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation

Martin Parry

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ISBN: 9789811238215

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The processes and consequences of climate change impacts are extremely heterogeneous, encompassing many different fields of study. Dr Martin L Parry in his career has had the opportunity to explore many of these subjects with colleagues from these diverse disciplines. It was therefore natural for the Lectures in Climate Change series to continue with his colleagues contributing lectures on their specific areas of expertise.Lectures in Climate Change is a unique combination of written notes plus electronic slides which together comprise an informative and up-to-date presentation. The lectures have been written by top scientists in the field — many of them lead authors in the IPCC. This second volume, entitled Our Warming Planet: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, encompasses areas of climate impacts related to climate science, methods and approaches, sectors, regional and national studies, and policy and practice. It includes topics such as current and future challenges of climate change, global assessments, downscaling, community-based adaptation, impacts on biodiversity, food systems, water resources, and cities, studies from across the world, challenges of making science actionable through assessments, early warning and early action, communicating climate risk, documenting the uptake of adaptation on the global front, and transformation towards global systemic adaptation. Included with this publication are downloadable PowerPoint slides of each lecture for students and teachers around the world to be better able to understand various aspects of climate change.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 500
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20210921
Series: Lectures In Climate Change

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