Acting Teachers' Field Manual, The: The What, Why And How Of Teaching Drama

Dean Carey

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811239274

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WHAT do actors need to learn at this precise moment?WHY do they need to learn it at this precise moment?HOW best can I provide them with the most beneficial practical experience and deepest level of understanding?Using these fundamental questions as a base line, master acting teacher Dean Carey shares his most tried and true methods. These are the results of over four decades of his experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring on the international stage. He provides insight into the philosophy and classroom culture he knows to be optimal for unleashing the greatest potential of students and professionals alike.Containing fifteen of what he considers to be the most transformative acting exerises, this book is every acting teacher's essential field manual. It delivers the 'what, why and how' of teaching drama in a practial, no-nonsense manner, helping to facilitiate and enhance the process of teaching acting in order to allow each member of the class to do their best.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 150
Imprint: Ws Professional
Publication date: 20210429

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