Songs for July

Songs for July


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ISBN: 9789811419317

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Songs for July is a book with art, poetry, reflections and whimsy. Within it, is a story about individuals struggling with their own pains in their own ways in the urban city, written and illustrated by the author. As these characters turn to music for sanctuary they encounter 15 different songs from 15 unique 'DJs'. These DJs are in fact the author, her interviewed friends and family members, while the songs are in fact their favourite songs that carry them through tough times, or bookmarks of nostalgia. Hence, this book is an illustrated collection of personal stories about the importance of art, music and the willpower ingrained in every individual. Art is not just something created for exhibition as commonly labelled, but a creative means of self-expression ranging in form and method varying from person to person. It is an inherent power in us all that we may activate if only we allow our inner will to do so. This book hence celebrates the artistic self-expression of ordinary individuals like you and me, and how we all have the power to relief emotions through art -- be it through drawing, painting, photography, singing, theatre, and even in listening to music that may uplift the soul. Thus, while Songs for July begins with a specific focus on healing through arts and music, it ultimately seeks raise awareness about the importance of mental health and self-healing amidst the stresses of urban life.


Comment :Art and Healing
Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20190607
Affiliation :NTU (current school of study) SOTA (graduated from SOTA in 2017)
List of Awards :
Marketing Notes :Ai Wei is an aspiring artist who graduated from SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore), and is currently a student at NTU. As a student, she has experienced depression and overcome it, like many of her friends. Through Songs for July, she presents perspectives on depression and mental health in a raw, honest light, yet also in creative means such as an artistic interpretation in watercolour, and poetry. Further, this book has become a communal one, as it shares the experiences of many other members of her community -- her friends (both local and overseas) and family members, about their own experiences with difficult emotions, or dreams for the pursuit of creativity. As much as a book about the art by ordinary people, and the songs that they love, Songs for July is also an amalgamation of insightful reflections on depression, the power and importance of healing, given by ordinary people like you and me. May it uplift your spirits.
Target Audience :Young Adults

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