Navigating the Seas of Change

Navigating the Seas of Change

Dr Karuna Ramanathan

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Every organisation today is akin to a ship at sea. Like ships, organisations are at the mercy of seas of harsh disruptions, transformation and change. Work in organisations is increasingly fraught with uncertainty and challenges, where situations change too often, and decisions are demanded under increasing pressure — no different from life onboard ships. However, as it has always been the case at sea, survival and success are not, and cannot be the work of any one person, however capable. Success is achieved together, when a well-formed and led crew bond together as a team, train to take on any problem, and are confidently ready, often emerging stronger from the experience. As practitioners, we know how numerous obstacles and problems lie in the way to building a team like that. In the first, most significant part of his work career, Dr Karuna Ramanathan spent many years learning how to build, lead and learn in teams, rising to captain warships. Today, as a transformation consultant coach, Karuna supports leaders and organisations to be better prepared to face the storms of change ahead. Now his expertise in growing leaders and building teams is available to help you become an internal and self-starting change agent—and start your journey to navigating through organisational transformation. You’ll gain practical insights to becoming a credible leader that others will be more prepared to follow; how to start to diagnose your organisation’s change readiness and get buy-in from others; and effective ways to coach yourself and others to spread an attitude of learning and growth throughout. Work at some of these, and you’ll have helped your organisation develop strengthened teams, involved leaders at every level, and the assurance of purposeful, united sailing into a complex and unknown future ... like the sea has always demanded of man.

Comment :Practitioner Tips for Successful Organizational Transformation
Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20200130
Affiliation :KR Konsulting
List of Awards :Dr Karuna Ramanathan is a Transformation Consultant Coach with more than two decades of experience in supporting leaders and organisations through change and transformation. He was previously Deputy Head of the Singapore Armed Forces’ Centre for Leadership Development, pioneering transformative leadership, learning and coaching practices that remain in use in Singapore’s military. Prior to this, he captained navy ships, a Mine Hunter and later, the new Landing Ship Tank. He earned a PhD in Leadership from the University of South Australia, and is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership Coach.
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Target Audience :Organisational Executives

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