Grab and Go: A Food Business Millionaire’s Secrets to Achieving What He Wants in Life

Grab and Go: A Food Business Millionaire’s Secrets to Achieving What He Wants in Life

Jim Km , Translated by Hannah Pang

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9789811433078

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“What I did was to repeat my goals a hundred times a day, for a hundred days. My goals were clear and specific: three hundred stores across the United States, and annual sales of $50 million dollars with weekly sales of $1 million dollars.” When Jim Kim migrated to America in the late 1980s, he knew little English, and had ridiculously little capital and a degree that mainstream society didn’t recognise. He started several businesses, which all foundered. In 2005, he made an impressive comeback after the age of forty by starting the world’s first chain of grab-and-go sushi bars: SnowFox, which has become one of the largest chains of sushi bars in America. In Grab and Go, Kim shares his secrets to achieving what he wants in life, and synthesises them into an essay collection packed with enduring lessons and practical takeaways. Praise for Grab and Go: ‘Recently, I have been writing down my goals a hundred times, as Jim Kim does.’ Yoo-Ra Kim, author of My 2020 Household Ledger ‘Sometimes a book completely alters a person’s life. This book has had that effect on my life.’ Na-Geum Lee, author of I Outsourced My Life by Investing in Real Estate

Comment :Entrepreneurship, Success, Self-help, Food Business, Millionaire, Secrets, Business Strategies
Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20200131
Affiliation :Founder and major shareholder of SnowFox Topco Chairman of JimKim Holdings Chair of M3 Asset Management President of Korean-American Businessmen Friendship Forum Visiting professor at Chung-Ang University
List of Awards :
Marketing Notes :Jim Kim offers practical, tried-and-tested methods that readers adopt to achieve anything they want in life. Price Adjustment effective 1st Oct 2020
Target Audience :Entrepreneurs Business students CEOs Business owners

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