Buckle Down: How I Invented South Korea's First Automobile Engine

Buckle Down: How I Invented South Korea's First Automobile Engine

Dr Hyun-Soon Lee

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ISBN: 9789811449512

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Buckle Down recounts the full history of how Dr Hyun-Soon Lee, a young and inexperienced South Korean engineer, left an enviable job at General Motors in the United States and moved to Hyundai Motors in South Korea to take up the daunting challenge of inventing South Korea’s very first automobile engine in the 1980s. Dr Lee’s heartfelt stories of dejection and tenacity, which have remained untold until now, will help young adults seeking purpose in their lives to awaken to the value of an authentic life, and will inspire engineering students and professionals to embrace life’s seemingly insurmountable challenges. About the Author Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee is currently the vice chairman and chief technology officer of the Doosan Group. He began his professional career at the General Motors Research Institute, before leaving to join Hyundai in 1984. During his career with Hyundai, Dr. Lee was instrumental in developing the first engine produced by Hyundai, also known as the ?-Engine, and the development of the ?-Engine

Comment :Autobiography
Country of Publication :Singapore
Format :P
Edition :1
Publication Date :20200623
Affiliation :Hyundai Motors, Doosan Group
List of Awards :IR52 Jang Young Shil Prize from the South Korean Minister of Science and Technology, Gold Medal for Anti-Pollution Technology Development from the Chosun Daily Newspaper, International Management Institute CEO Award, Best CTO Award from Korea Industrial Technology Association, Grand Prize from the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, Korean Top Science Technician Award from the South Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Marketing Notes :The first published autobiography of an Asian automobile engine inventor.
Target Audience :Science and engineering students and young professionals

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