History, Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives

History, Culture and Region in Southeast Asian Perspectives

O W Wolters

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The collection of essays in this volume was first published in 1982 by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. In this revised edition, another 180 pages have been added which should be read as an extended commentary on the earlier volume. It not only provides new perspectives but also takes into account some developments in the field of earlier Southeast Asian studies since 1982. For customers in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and North Asia.

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Preliminary Pages
1. Some Features of the Cultural Matrix
2. Historical Patterns in Intra-Regional Relations
3. Towards Defining Southeast Asian History
4. Local Cultural Statements
5. Local Literatures
6. Conclusion
Appendix A: Miscellaneous Notes on "Soul Stuff"
Appendix B: Six Vietnamese Poems of the Second Half of the Fourteenth Century
Appendix C: Kakawin and Hikayat
Postscript I: Revisiting the "Region"
Postscript II: Again a Cultural Matrix
Postscript III: Among the Mandalas
Postscript IV: Some Further Southeast Asian Perspectives
Postscript V: Local Writing
Postscript VI: "Regional Studies" in the 1990s
Appendix 1: A "Hindu" Man of Prowess
Appendix 2: A Sample of Gender Relations at the Apex of Vietnamese Society in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Appendix 3: Reading Bas-Relief on Two Javanese Candi
Bibliography, Index, Map

Subjects:HISTORY / Asia / Southeast Asia

Number of Pages: 272


ISEAS / Cornell

Publication Date: 36776

Format: PB

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